Why Essential Oils Work: Bisalobol in German Chamomile

My daughter has been plagued by a common skin condition since she was 5 months old. In a desperate attempt to find some relief for her while also avoiding over the counter steroid creams, I began to do my research on natural anti-inflammatories. Steroid creams are synthetic anti-inflammatory drugs that reduce inflammation on the skin when […]

A Cancer Survivor’s Perspective on Toxin-Free, Healthy Living

I have an amazing guest on the blog today! I met Andrea a few months ago and I quickly realized we shared a love for natural living. What I found out later is that Andrea’s story has been one with much pain and hardship as she had to fight for her life against cancer. A […]

How to Avoid “All-Natural” Marketing Traps at the Grocery Store

I posted a photo (pictured below) on Facebook a few days ago and expressed my great distaste for what I had found! I thought I needed to elaborate a little bit on it and why it was so upsetting for me see. It has come to my attention lately that many big food companies are changing […]

How Thinking Positively Improves Your Health and Fertility

Today’s post is from Nikki at Mind Body Mana. She is sharing with us some research about how positive thinking can improve your whole body health through boosted immune function, reduced stress levels, a healthy heart, and enhanced fertility! Nikki is a certified integrative holistic therapist. She has developed a program to help those who […]