Why Essential Oils Work: Bisalobol in German Chamomile

My daughter has been plagued by a common skin condition since she was 5 months old. In a desperate attempt to find some relief for her while also avoiding over the counter steroid creams, I began to do my research on natural anti-inflammatories. Steroid creams are synthetic anti-inflammatory drugs that reduce inflammation on the skin when […]

My Simple, All-Natural, DIY Skincare Routine for Ladies Who Don’t Have Time

To be honest with you, I’ve never been one to spend 30 minutes doing a nightly skincare routine. In college, I was lucky if I even washed my face. ( I know…) Truthfully, I have been blessed with pretty chill skin! However, it has always been sensitive, and I used to buy the expensive “sensitive […]

Fertility Boosting Red Velvet Smoothie Bowl

The female body is a wonderful thing. When I was pregnant with my baby, I had a great deal of trouble getting proper nutrition throughout the pregnancy. Even so, my sweet baby girl was born at full term, 7 lbs 12 oz, and perfectly healthy! It’s incredible to me that our bodies are prepared to […]

How to Make a Bulletproof Dandelion Detox Mocha

I have been on a pretty exciting gut healing journey these days. After dealing with chronic stomach issues since I was a teenager, I decided it was time to actually get to the root cause of my tummy trouble. To do this, I started taking a probiotic with a natural anti-fungal component and I have almost completely given up grains. I […]