A Fermented Protein Powder Perfect for Better Gut Health

It’s no surprise that fermented foods are all the rage these days, and for good reason! During the fermentation process, the food is partially digested and offers a superior digestive experience. It’s really great.  But know what else is great? Especially for super busy folks–good ol’ protein powder. So, you can imagine how excited I was when Genuine Health offered to share with me their fermented protein powders!

The Ingredients

I was please when I looked at the ingredients of these protein supplements. They are from real food, clean, and contain no unnecessary additives, artificial colors or flavors, or added sugar. The Greek Yogurt version has just that–grass fed, antibiotic and hormone free fermented Greek yogurt. The sweeteners included are stevia and monk fruit! The vegan version has a great mixture including fermented pea, quinoa, rice, hemp, and spirulina as well as the same natural sweeteners! The dairy version packs 20 grams and the vegan version packs 15 grams of protein per serving! Because of the fermentation process, the company claims to contribute to less bloat, better gut health, and increased absorption. According to the website, fermentation removes anti-nutrients that are hard on digestion and frees up the good nutrition so it is ready to be absorbed by your body. Pretty cool!Check out this clean, fermented, protein powder from Genuine Health at Crunchy Mama Science!

The Taste

Seems really great, doesn’t it? Well, let’s talk about the taste test. Hubby first tried the Greek yogurt version in a glass of water and then I tried the vegan version in water as well. These powders are not chalky, not overpowering, don’t taste fake, and dissolve well! They are subtly sweet with a hint of flavor.

If you’re looking for a good protein to supplement with, it is my opinion that Genuine Health has put together an excellent product filled with great nutrition that is easier on the body than other protein powders. The diary version goes for $39.99 per 550 grams in either vanilla or coconut cream. The vegan version goes for $36.99 per 550 grams and is available in vanilla, chocolate, or unflavored!

Try out the protein supplements right here:


Greek Yogurt

Check out this clean, fermented, protein powder from Genuine Health at Crunchy Mama Science!

Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoyed learning about these fun, healthy products!

Although I was gifted samples for review, these comments are my own and I am not receiving any monetary compensation for purchases through these links. 



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