Finally! Natural Sunscreen that Doesn’t Leave Behind a White Sheen

My top pick for natural, non-toxic sunscreen to protect your kids and family from the sun this summerIt’s that time of year again where we start planning for lakes, vacations, and outdoor BBQs! We also start planning for how we will protect ourselves and our families from too much sun and the damage it may cause. Though nothing can replace a good sun hat and shady umbrella, sunscreen is still very important when spending a decent amount of time outdoors. However, as it has come to the attention of many through social media, many sunscreens contain undesirable ingredients. I have been searching for a high quality, natural, non-toxic sunscreen to protect myself and my family from too much sun this summer.

I won’t get into great detail about it, but some of the health risks of sunscreens are skin allergy, hormone disruptors, and skin penetration (these chemicals have been found in breastmilk which raises concerns about the safety of the fetus and nursing infant). Like many things in my life, if something comes with a notable risk, I will find something safer for my family; sunscreen is no different. However, many natural sunscreens are hard to deal with. I personally don’t DIY sunscreen, as I have no idea the SPF in the end product. Most of the natural sunscreens I have purchased have been thick, greasy, and leave a white sheen behind, thus making me look like a ghost!

Block Island Organics was kind enough to send me a sample of their mineral sunscreen to review, and I was pleasantly surprised! Not only does this sunscreen use zinc oxide as it’s active ingredient, all the other ingredients are clean  (it gets a number one rating by the EWG); it is unlike any other natural sunscreen I have tried.

(I was gifted a bottle of this sunscreen to review, but these thoughts are my own and these are not affiliates links)

My natural, non-toxic sunscreen choice for the summer based on safety, effectiveness, and visual appeal

Kelly, co-founder of Block Island Organics, informed me that a little goes a long way with their sunscreen. The first time I tried it I used far too much, but the second time I took her advice! Because this sunscreen spreads so easily, a small amount does cover a large area and doesn’t leave a white sheen behind. Of course, if you are putting it on a squirmy one year old who won’t hold still you may have a bit of a white layer, but that is expected for any sunscreen on any kid.

My natural, non-toxic sunscreen choice for the summer based on safety, effectiveness, and visual appeal

This is an unedited photo in natural lighting of just the sunscreen–no ghost face!

This sunscreen is not greasy and dries well, which is perfect for hot, sweaty days! It even goes well under makeup, because it is not too oily; we’ve had a few hot days, and have been testing it out daily. The results have been good–no burns here (at least where I applied the sunscreen well). With any natural sunscreen, however, you will want to reapply if you are outside for long periods or in water.

My natural, non-toxic sunscreen choice for the summer based on safety, effectiveness, and visual appeal

Makeup layer over the top of the sunscreen

Side note: Like my makeup? It’s natural, non-toxic, and fruit pigmented! I’m wearing the Punk Princess palette! Get it by clicking on the photo below. (this is an affiliate link, full disclosure here)

Organic and All Natural Beauty Prodicts

The bottle goes for $19.99 for 3.4 oz, but it will last you a very long time because you do really only need a small amount each application; a little does go a long way with this sunscreen. I covered my whole face and neck with a finger sized amount! You need to make sure you don’t over-apply, but that’s easy because it is so thin it spreads wonderfully! It will dry, however, so spread it nicely before then or you will have white patches.

My natural, non-toxic sunscreen choice for the summer based on safety, effectiveness, and visual appeal

I truly am enjoying this sunscreen, and will continue to use it for myself and my family; I wear sunscreen on my face almost daily, as I am adamant about preventing facial wrinkles and sun exposure is one of the main causes of aging. You may even call sunscreen a natural anti-aging product!

I am happy to have finally found a high quality, effective, non-toxic sunscreen! You can get a bottle at Block Island Organics! Enjoy the warmth, the sun, and being with the people you love!

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